5 Sure Signs You’re Emotionally Abused *PODCAST*

5 Sure Signs You're Emotionally Abused

Are you wondering if you’re emotionally abused? Do you feel anxious around your partner on a consistent basis? Do you feel you’re no longer the person you once were? Is your home life marked more by chaos than peace?

No, you’re not crazy. But if you’re a victim of emotional abuse, you may be starting to doubt your sanity. And that’s only one of the many damaging byproducts of emotional abuse.

You’re not alone. Emotional abuse touches women and men from all walks of life. But emotional abuse is invisible until you’re able to really acknowledge just what’s going on in your relationship.

Join psychotherapist Abby Rodman as she discusses the 5 sure signs of emotional abuse. Being able to recognize emotional abuse in your relationship is the first step toward a healthier you.

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