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The Kind Of People Who Divorce

I spent what felt like a hundred years wondering if I should divorce. I had a lot of questions and no answers. I knew I wasn’t happy but, really, wasn’t happiness overrated? I wondered: Were other married couples happy? Was that a thing? Maybe we’re all in silent cahoots slogging through the misery. Truth is, […]


Pre-Thanksgiving Plummet: Dreading The Holidays?

The Pre-Thanksgiving Plummet sneaks up on you. You’re still flying high on warm memories of summer, while enjoying the relief of cooler temps. Then, without warning, a heaviness takes root in your chest. The holidays are around the corner. You may feel overwhelmed — there’s so much to do! — or inexplicably sad. While others seem excited for the next couple of months, you’d rather pull up the covers and set your alarm for January 2nd.


Dear Sexual Assault Guy: I Want To Be You

Just so there’s no confusion, you’re not one of the good guys. I don’t want to hear about your selfless deeds, your charitable givings, your churchgoing ways. I don’t care about your rescued dog, your recycling, your sobriety. Because none of those things matter when you walk this earth as a sexual predator.


Secrets and Lies: How They’re Toxic To Your Relationship *PODCAST*

Deciding to keep a secret or tell a lie is always a choice. And, often, we choose either or both because we’re afraid we can’t withstand the consequences of coming clean. But which is preferable: A relationship (and, perhaps, a life) suffocated by the heavy curtains of secrets and lies? Or a deeply-breathed life lived with a clear conscience and self-respect?