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5 Sure Signs You’re Emotionally Abused *PODCAST*

No, you’re not crazy. But if you’re a victim of emotional abuse, you may be starting to doubt your sanity. And that’s only one of the many damaging byproducts of emotional abuse. You’re not alone. Emotional abuse touches women and men from all walks of life. But emotional abuse is invisible until you’re able to really acknowledge just what’s going on in your relationship.

Choosing A Psychotherapist? Avoid These 5 Red Flags

I’ve heard more stories than I can count about psychotherapists who’ve somehow, some way, gone awry in their treatment of patients. I’m not sitting in judgment of other therapists but I know, as a psychotherapist, what I personally would not consider acceptable treatment in therapy. But if you’ve never been to therapy, you may not know what is common, appropriate practice.