Is Your Big Ego Stopping You From Finding A Healthy Relationship? *PODCAST*

Could there be a scientific or personality-driven reason you keep choosing the wrong type of partner?

According to Sigmund Freud, there are three separate but interacting systems that drive human behaviors. They are the ego, the id, and the superego. 

So, how do these systems come into play when it’s time to select a mate? Many clients come to therapy with this burning question: “Why do I keep choosing the wrong kind of partner?”

If you’re also stumped by this frustrating conundrum, there may be a simple reason for it. It may lie in the part of your personality you’re operating from when you choose partners.

Listen in as best-selling author and psychotherapist, Abby Rodman, offers a deeper explanation as to why you’re stuck in this negative relationship loop. It may just change how you choose your next mate!



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