9 Truths Moms Of Boys Only Need To Know *PODCAST*

I have three sons and zero daughters. When my boys were small, I would hear the question, “Are you going to keep trying for a girl?” until I thought my head would explode. Some folks seemed affronted when I would tell them I was done having kids. As if, by having only sons, I was somehow disrupting the natural order of the universe.

The above is the first paragraph of the article I wrote in 2014 about having only sons. The article went viral and it’s since been published around the globe in at least a dozen languages. I can only ascertain that it hit a “soft spot” for moms who are parenting only boys.

It only recently occurred to me that I should record it as a podcast. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

My sons are the greatest joy of my life…and I know yours are, too.




Falling In Love? Don’t Ignore These 6 Red Flags *PODCAST*

In every new relationship, the first weeks are crucial. They’re jam-packed with visceral and practical information about the person we’re considering getting involved with. Problem is, many of us plow through these early informational tidbits without giving them the credence they’re due. They may be vague doubts or huge, waving red flags. But because falling in love feels so damn good, we keep on.

Save yourself a boatload of disappointment and heartache. Listen in as bestselling author and psychotherapist, Abby Rodman, describes 6 of the “red flags” you should be on the lookout for at the beginning of a relationship.



Is Your Big Ego Stopping You From Finding A Healthy Relationship? *PODCAST*

Could there be a scientific or personality-driven reason you keep choosing the wrong type of partner?

According to Sigmund Freud, there are three separate but interacting systems that drive human behaviors. They are the ego, the id, and the superego. 

So, how do these systems come into play when it’s time to select a mate? Many clients come to therapy with this burning question: “Why do I keep choosing the wrong kind of partner?”

If you’re also stumped by this frustrating conundrum, there may be a simple reason for it. It may lie in the part of your personality you’re operating from when you choose partners.

Listen in as best-selling author and psychotherapist, Abby Rodman, offers a deeper explanation as to why you’re stuck in this negative relationship loop. It may just change how you choose your next mate!



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The Kind Of People Who Divorce *PODCAST*


Are you wondering if you’re the “kind of person” who gets a divorce? You’re not alone.

Psychotherapist and best-selling author, Abby Rodman, explores why we don’t think we’re that “kind of person” until we do.

Join Abby Rodman as she talks about the negative effects of labels and self-judgment when you’re contemplating divorce or going through it — and how to be kinder to yourself in the process.

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Are You Invisibly Divorced? *PODCAST*



Do you feel your marriage is coming undone? Are you still living with your spouse but the relationship is unhappy at best? Perhaps you’ve joined the ranks of the invisibly divorced.  Psychotherapist Abby Rodman clarifies what invisible divorce is — and how to know if you’re in one. Invisible divorce isn’t victimless — and it may have dire effects on your health and well-being. Listen in!


5 Ways To Stop Fighting About The Same Old Thing *PODCAST*

5 Ways To Stop Fighting About The Same Old Thing


Not again! Having the same argument you’ve had with your partner a dozen times before? You’re not alone. Relationship researcher John Gottman reports 69 percent of marital conflicts are never resolved. That adds up to a whole lot of repeat disagreements.

You know better than anyone the hot topics in your relationship. Many couples argue about extended family (in-laws, usually), money, and parenting styles. Common issues may also include jealousy, substance use, and negotiating the right amount of time to spend together.

You may be sick of hearing your partner’s same list of complaints and you may even be tired of your own. You both realize there’s got to be a better way, but how do you go about it?


Secrets and Lies: How They’re Toxic To Your Relationship *PODCAST*



Secrets? We’ve all kept them. Lies? We’ve all told them. But what are the consequences of keeping secrets from — or lying to — your partner?

Join psychotherapist and relationship strategist Abby Rodman as she discusses how secrets and lies affect us in more ways than we think.

If you’re convinced that keeping the truth from your partner is better than coming clean, you may not be considering the cost of what that could be doing to the well-being of your partner and relationship…and, yes, even your health.

Ready to tell the truth? Committed to keeping that secret or perpetuating that lie? Join Abby as she explores what both options really mean for you, your partner, and the future of your relationship.


5 Sure Signs You’re Emotionally Abused *PODCAST*

5 Sure Signs You're Emotionally Abused

Are you wondering if you’re emotionally abused? Do you feel anxious around your partner on a consistent basis? Do you feel you’re no longer the person you once were? Is your home life marked more by chaos than peace?

No, you’re not crazy. But if you’re a victim of emotional abuse, you may be starting to doubt your sanity. And that’s only one of the many damaging byproducts of emotional abuse.

You’re not alone. Emotional abuse touches women and men from all walks of life. But emotional abuse is invisible until you’re able to really acknowledge just what’s going on in your relationship.

Join psychotherapist Abby Rodman as she discusses the 5 sure signs of emotional abuse. Being able to recognize emotional abuse in your relationship is the first step toward a healthier you.


6 Ways To Convince Your Partner To Stay *PODCAST*


In the history of the world, begging a partner to stay in a relationship has never ended in a good result. Even if — after all your pleading — your partner agrees to hang out in the relationship a while longer, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll grow tired of the charade. Not only that, but begging is demoralizing. There’s no dignity in it. And sometimes, when a relationship is crumbling, self-respect is all you’ve got left.

No More Begging! (4)

Tears and threats won’t move your partner — at least not in any permanent fashion — so save your energy for tactics that will make a difference. What you’re going for here is reason not emotion.

Join Abby Rodman for six conversation starters that just may tilt the relationship — and your partner — back toward togetherness.


10 Golden Rules For Moms Raising Sons *PODCAST*

10 Golden (1)

When my boys were young, an older mother advised me to, “wear beige, keep your pocketbook open, and your mouth shut,” if I wanted to have a good relationship with my sons.

In other words, be an invisible, mute ATM! I was floored. Raised in a sisters-only family, I had little frame of reference. But even with my limited repertoire, I decided then and there that those golden rules were Not. For. Me.

I had to revamp her advice. I wanted to foster loving relationships with my boys while raising men I’d be proud to launch into the world. Now my sons are young adults and not one expects me to remain silent or fade into the wallpaper. (Full disclosure: The “pocketbook open” thing remains open for debate.)

It’s a crazy world out there…so, how do you make sure you’re raising your boys to be men who will be among the good guys? In my first Blogpost-to-Podcast episode — based on a blog of the same name — I discuss what it means — and what it takes — to raise responsible, loving, and respectful sons.