The Hardest Conversation: What To Say To Kids When You've Decided To Divorce *PODCAST*

One of the most dreaded steps in the divorce process — if not the most dreaded — is telling your kids your marriage is over and that their family as they’ve known it is about to change forever. If your kids are old enough to be “sat…

9 Truths Moms Of Boys Only Need To Know *PODCAST*

I have three sons and zero daughters. When my boys were small, I would hear the question, “Are you going to keep trying for a girl?” until I thought my head would explode. Some folks seemed affronted when I would tell them I was done having…

Falling In Love? Don't Ignore These 6 Red Flags *PODCAST*

In every new relationship, the first weeks are crucial. They’re jam-packed with visceral and practical information about the person we’re considering getting involved with. Problem is, many of us plow through these early informational tidbits…

Is Your Big Ego Stopping You From Finding A Healthy Relationship? *PODCAST*

Could there be a scientific or personality-driven reason you keep choosing the wrong type of partner? According to Sigmund Freud, there are three separate but interacting systems that drive human behaviors. They are the ego, the id, and the…

The Kind Of People Who Divorce *PODCAST*

  Are you wondering if you're the "kind of person" who gets a divorce? You're not alone. Psychotherapist and best-selling author, Abby Rodman, explores why we don't think we're that "kind of person" until we do. Join Abby Rodman…

Are You Invisibly Divorced? *PODCAST*

While you resist the idea of an actual divorce, you and your spouse may collude to have an invisible one. But how do you know when you’ve made the shift from functional marriage to invisible divorce?

5 Ways To Stop Fighting About The Same Old Thing *PODCAST*

Not again! Having the same argument you’ve had with your partner a dozen times before? You’re not alone. You may be sick of hearing your partner’s same list of complaints and you may even be tired of your own. You both realize there’s got to be a better way, but how do you go about it?

Secrets and Lies: How They're Toxic To Your Relationship *PODCAST*

Deciding to keep a secret or tell a lie is always a choice. And, often, we choose either or both because we’re afraid we can’t withstand the consequences of coming clean. But which is preferable: A relationship (and, perhaps, a life) suffocated by the heavy curtains of secrets and lies? Or a deeply-breathed life lived with a clear conscience and self-respect?

5 Sure Signs You're Emotionally Abused *PODCAST*

No, you're not crazy. But if you're a victim of emotional abuse, you may be starting to doubt your sanity. And that's only one of the many damaging byproducts of emotional abuse. You're not alone. Emotional abuse touches women and men from all walks of life. But emotional abuse is invisible until you're able to really acknowledge just what's going on in your relationship.

6 Ways To Convince Your Partner To Stay *PODCAST*

Want to hold your relationship together but it seems like all you do is fight about it? Join Abby Rodman as she offers 6 scripts which will help you get a more productive and meaningful conversation off the ground.

10 Golden Rules For Moms Raising Sons *PODCAST*

When my boys were young, an older mother advised me to, "wear beige, keep your pocketbook open, and your mouth shut," if I wanted to have a good relationship with my sons. In other words, be an invisible, mute ATM! I was floored. Raised…

Stepkids Making You Nuts? Talk To Your Partner! *PODCAST*

The number one reason second marriages fail is because of issues with stepkids. And here’s why: Divorced parents have a very intense mission to have their kids remain connected to them by whatever means possible. Throw in some guilt about…