Journal Your Way To Post-Divorce Healing

There’s just something healing about putting pen to paper. I’m a firm believer that writing about things can make them more manageable and less scary. Divorce can feel unmanageable and very scary — and that’s where this journal and workbook can help.

Therapists often encourage their clients to keep journals to document their emotions, experiences, and growth. I’ve seen the transformations possible through writing — and they are boundless.

In the spirit of both those experiences — writing and divorce — I’m thrilled to announce that my new journal and workbook, From Bitter To Better: 7 Steps to Moving Beyond Your Divorce is now available.

If you’re going through — or have gone through — a divorce, you already know the jumble of emotions is confusing at best. It’s such a disruptive life event, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to not let it consume you. If it feels like you’ve tried everything to feel better, my journal and workbook will offer you something completely different: a new way to tell the story of your divorce which allows the healing and rebuilding to begin.

Based on my award-winning book of the same name, my journal and workbook will guide you, support you, and challenge you to move beyond your divorce…and invite you to welcome and create your new and better post-divorce life!

It’s here. Now. We can do this together.

Just click on the book cover graphic below…and let’s get started!

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