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Do This One Thing To Heal Your Marriage After An Affair *PODCAST*

Abby Rodman Podcast

As a psychotherapist and couples counselor, I’ve been asked countless times whether it’s really and truly possible to move beyond the betrayal of an affair. And there’s no definitive answer. Do couples do it? Absolutely. Is it straightforward and simple? Absolutely not. And sometimes people who really, really want to move forward find they can’t — and other times, people who swear they can’t stay in a relationship after an affair find a way to do so. 

Once you realize you can’t change or reverse this event, you must figure out a way to move beyond it in a healthy, self-loving way. This doesn’t negate any anger or bitterness you may be feeling — but you accept, that in order to move on, you cannot give in to those feelings and allow them to become your emotional baseline.

Here’s the reality: You have work to do. This podcast will help you make your best and wisest decisions, as you focus on and learn what you need as you embark on the journey of moving beyond your partner’s affair. 

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