Stepkids Making You Nuts? Talk To Your Partner! *PODCAST*

Stepkids Making You Crazy- Libsyn Podcast cover (4)

The number one reason second marriages fail is because of issues with stepkids. And here’s why: Divorced parents have a very intense mission to have their kids remain connected to them by whatever means possible. Throw in some guilt about the divorce and the destruction of the family unit, and you’ve got a blue-ribbon recipe for parenting — and stepparenting — disaster.

No one said getting remarried or blending families was going to be easy. Sure, there are some who appear to do it seamlessly — but the vast majority struggle with making it work. Don’t despair — and be ready to have some heavy duty conversations about the changes that must be made. Your silence is your enemy — because silence breeds resentment and resentment breeds intolerance. You don’t want to get to the point where your resentment and intolerance cause you to leave the marriage.

So, here are some common issues with stepparenting and what you can do — as a stepparent — to alleviate the tension and reclaim your sanity. The only way to make step parenting work is for you and your partner to be able to discuss what’s going on openly and honestly.

Join me as I offer the script for six crucial conversations you need to have with your partner about stepparenting.


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