Abby Rodman

I‘m Abby Rodman and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, bestselling author, and relationship specialist with a passion for your relationship success. My specialities include divorce recovery, midlife reinvention, midlife divorce, improving relationship communication, and parenting

I help individuals (and couples) get unstuck. Looking for that next, better relationship? Thinking about making big, scary changes? Wanting to move on from old resentments that wear you down and steal your peace and happiness?

Let’s do it! 

I speak to your business or group because healthy relationships and communication aren’t just for your personal life. The success of your organization depends on the health of the relationships cultivated and nurtured there — be it with coworkers, clients, or group/team members.

I appear and share my research and expertise with a variety of media outlets. Check out any of my interviews and appearances to see how I can make your article, TV segment, radio show, or blog post shine.

I offer lots of free resources here to guide you toward your best life and better relationships.

Abby’s New Book Without This Ring

Midlife divorce is skyrocketing and women are initiating divorce in higher numbers than ever before in history. Psychotherapist Abby Rodman surveyed hundreds of women who divorced in midlife to find out the whys, whats and hows of their experiences. Packed with personal stories, fascinating statistics, helpful checklists, expert advice and practical tips,

Without This Ring is a necessary and critical read at any stage of midlife divorce – whether you’re just starting to consider it or you’ve already come out the other side. Abby Rodman is a relationship expert, author and speaker, renowned for her focus on midlife dating, marriage and divorce.

Abby is regularly sought out by print, broadcast and online media outlets for her expertise. She has also successfully lived through and beyond her own midlife divorce.

From Survivor to Thriver: 7 Steps to Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce


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