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I’m so excited to share my new video course with you: From Survivor To Thriver: 7 Steps To Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce.

Or check out my ebook, From Bitter To Better: 7 Steps To Recovering From The Divorce You Didn’t Want. 

And a brand new From Bitter To Better Journal and Workbook is in the works! Yay!

Abby’s Podcasts

Are You Invisibly Divorced?

Do you feel your marriage is coming undone?

Are you still living with your spouse but the relationship is unhappy at best?

Psychotherapist Abby Rodman clarifies what invisible divorce is — and how to know if you’re in one.

Couples Coaching

Better communication just might save your relationship.

Is  your relationship stuck in an infinity cycle of blame? Do you feel you just can’t talk to your partner anymore? Let me help you start healing and meaningful conversations which can make all the difference.

Would couples coaching help you hit the reset button and get your relationship back on track? Let’s talk.

I‘m Abby Rodman and I’m glad you’re here.

All my life, I’ve been fascinated by people’s stories. Why? Our stories connect us to each other. In sharing our stories, we become each other’s “people.”

Am I your people? If I am, it’s because you’re trying to live your best life even when a curveball (or five!) has been thrown your way. If I am, it’s because your life became a twisty road rather than a straightaway. If I am, it’s because you’ve promised yourself that nothing will get in the way of the life you want now.

I’m a mom and a stepmom. I’m divorced. I’m remarried. Long ago, I left behind the fantasy of the straightaway and embraced — and learned to love — the twisty road. I figured out how to recreate myself, my life, and my career even through the darkest times…and I want the same for you.

My FREE Gift To You: 5 Minute Morning Meditation

Healing From Divorce

Let’s face it, we can all use a little help as we’re moving on from divorce.

It may take all your strength and resources to start to feel like yourself again.

Let this 5-minute meditation jump start your day (or your dreams!) as you move through this challenging process.


Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Without This Ring"

Abby Rodman is a relationship specialist, author, and speaker, renowned for her focus on midlife dating, marriage and divorce.

Her Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Without This Ring,” is highly acclaimed for helping both women and men successfully live through and beyond midlife divorce.


Divorce Affirmation Card Deck

Each of the 30 cards is a compelling reminder that divorce is not the end, but rather an invitation to explore the immense power of the human spirit. Each message encourages the celebration of life’s gifts of resilience and renewal.

Each deck is shrink-wrapped and packaged in a gift-ready silver tin with a clear, acrylic top that allows you to view your card-of-the-day.


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Abby Rodman, joins the discussion on how, by dating smarter, you can find the relationship you want!

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