10 Golden Rules For Moms Raising Sons *PODCAST*

10 Golden (1)

When my boys were young, an older mother advised me to, “wear beige, keep your pocketbook open, and your mouth shut,” if I wanted to have a good relationship with my sons.

In other words, be an invisible, mute ATM! I was floored. Raised in a sisters-only family, I had little frame of reference. But even with my limited repertoire, I decided then and there that those golden rules were Not. For. Me.

I had to revamp her advice. I wanted to foster loving relationships with my boys while raising men I’d be proud to launch into the world. Now my sons are young adults and not one expects me to remain silent or fade into the wallpaper. (Full disclosure: The “pocketbook open” thing remains open for debate.)

It’s a crazy world out there…so, how do you make sure you’re raising your boys to be men who will be among the good guys? In my first Blogpost-to-Podcast episode — based on a blog of the same name — I discuss what it means — and what it takes — to raise responsible, loving, and respectful sons.


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