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Why Facebook Is The Perfect Over-50 Community

Why Facebook Is The Perfect Over-50 Community.  Facebook. Love it, hate it or in-between — it’s hard to stay away from. I’ve heard lots of complaining recently about Facebook’s new algorithms — whatever they or that may be. Clearly, I don’t know much about how Facebook works, but I do know nothing in recent history […]


What’s Wrong With Girls? Apparently Everything

  Thoughtful parents everywhere are fighting to save their daughters from the cruelest of villainesses, Low Self-Esteem. And she’s a formidable opponent no matter what protective parents do to disarm her. Why? Because from the time girls get their first Barbie dolls, the insidious message of what a sought-after woman looks like has infiltrated their […]


The Phase of Raising Tough Kids

My mother’s lifelong friend, Mrs. Ryan — and that’s what we called her — was like a second mother to my sister and me. She raised four kids of her own, three of whom were older than us. When my mother would lament some new challenge with her own children, the experienced Mrs. Ryan would […]